Our Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty claims will only be considered against defective parts from Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors covered by the warranty period,effective for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to the client / contractor who had purchased the original equipment and is not transferableto secondary contractors, subcontractors and end-users. Proof of purchase will be required in the event of a warranty claim and failure to produce a proof of purchase will lead to rejection of the warranty claim.

MSAD Management reserves the right to grant or decline any warranty claim based on the findings of the analysis / assessment reports as well as on the recommendations of MSAD Technical Department. The decision regarding the outcome of any warranty claim is final. Any queries regarding the outcome of the warrantyclaim shall be directed to MSAD Management in writing. Under no circumstances will MSAD Technical Department reassess any warranty claims unless instructed by MSAD Management.

The liability of MSAD is limited to supplying all parts required to replace defective parts against which a warranty claim is submitted. MSAD will not be held liablefor any additional costs due to travel andlabourexpenses or due to damage caused as a result of equipment failure. Any additional costs will be the sole responsibility of the client

When submitting a warranty claim the following requirements will apply:

  • All replacement parts required are to be purchased from MSAD. Proof of payment will be required when submitting a warranty claim.
  • All parts will be invoiced after a purchase order from account holders or proof of payment for cash purchases is produced. All purchase orders / EFT payments will be checked to confirm legitimacy before any invoices are issued. Under no circumstances will MSAD Technical Department or MSAD Spares Department issue any replacement part without an official MSAD invoice.
  • The warranty claim form is available on request and must be completed in full. The warranty claim form must contain the original invoice number, model-and serial number of the unit, as well as a short description of the reported malfunction.
  • The completed warranty claim form must be accompanied by copies of all invoices (air conditioning unit and replacement parts) as well as all defective parts and must be returned for assessment within thirty (30) days from date of invoice of the replacement part(s). Failure to comply will lead to rejection of the warranty claim.
  • In the event of approval of a warranty claim the amount paid for the replacement part(s) will be credited to the client / contractor whom had submitted the warranty claim. In the event of decline / rejection of a warranty claim the client / contractor whom had submitted the warranty claim will be liable for the amount charged for the replacement parts.

If a defective refrigerant compressor is returned to MSAD under warranty the following will apply in addition to the above:

  • Compressors to be transported and delivered to MSAD in an upright position.
  • All stub tubes / service valves to be properly sealed to prevent oil spills and ingress of water and other contaminants into the compressor(s). Failure to do so will lead to rejection of any warranty claim against compressors as neglecting to seal off stub tubes / service valves could have a negative impact on the results of the compressor analysis.
  • The sole purpose of the compressor analysis is to determine the cause of failure and to establish whether the failure was caused by a manufacturing defect or adverse operating conditions. MSAD will not be held liablefor any costs incurred should the compressor analysis establish that the compressor was in good working order. Correct fault-finding procedures and diagnosis is the responsibility of the client / maintenance contractor. Any warranty claim against such compressors will be declined without reconsideration as all compressors are disassembled during analysis and will be rendered unusable as a result.
  • All compressor analysis will be conducted by an independent analyst and the outcome of any warranty claim against defective compressors will be based on the findings recorded on the analysis report(s). Compressor analysis reports will be made available to the client / contractor following conclusion of the warrantyclaim assessment.
  • The client / contractor may attend the compressor analysis following a written request to MSAD Technical Department and after an appropriate time and date is confirmed. Should the client / contractor fail to attend the compressor analysis on the confirmed date and time without prior alternative arrangements the procedure will be conducted without him / her attending.

Following analysis / assessment all defective parts will be available to the client / contractor for a period of fourteen (14) days following conclusion of the warranty claim assessment. Should the client / contractor wish to obtain a second opinion on the findings of MSAD or the approved analysts he / she should must do so at his/ her own expense. Parts not collected during this period will be scrapped. Warranty claims against parts found to be in good working order during assessment will be rejected and the parts will be retained by MSAD for collection by the client / contractor at own cost.