Mediclinic Hospital (Stellenbosch)

    Mediclinic flag ship hospital on the door step of Mediclinic Head Quarters in Stellenbosch. The client wanted to install the most reliable and efficient systems available. The project brief also included the simplest of design for maintenance and servicing during the life cycle of the systems. A mix of Variable Refrigerant Flow and individual split type units were specified on the project. All linked to a BMS systems for overall control.
  • 200 individual inverter split type units
  • 2 X VRF (Variable refrigerant systems)

Mirage Apartments (City of Cape Town)

    The project team wanted to install a full heat recovery system that included hot water generation via the heat recovery process. Essentially, the Mitsubishi Electric VRF system cools and heats the apartments, simultaneously heating up the water tanks that provide hot water to all the occupants. Flow meters were installed to measure the exact hot water usage and billed separately to each apartment. In addition, each apartments cooling and heating usage is also billed independently all via Mitsubishi Electric PLC’s an all-in house solution was provided to the client.
  • 161 x indoor units
  • 13 x complete systems
  • 10 x hot water heat exchangers

The Bank Hotel (Rosebank)

    The first ever Chilled Water Heat Recovery VRF system ever installed on the African Continent. The hotel is a boutique hotel catering to a vast array of clients locally and internationally. The H-VRF system installed is the first ever VRF to use a mix of chilled water and refrigerant, rather than just refrigerant as a cooling and heating process. Resulting in the reduction of refrigerant of around 70% falling in-line with various global initiatives to reduce the use of global warming HVAC systems. Significantly, the Mitsubishi Electric H-VRF makes vast strides into the reduced use of Freon gasses.
  • 88 x fan coils (chilled water VRF)
  • 4 x complete systems
  • 41 x Evaporators
  • 8 x Systems
  • 13 x individual inverter systems

Netcare Alberton hospital

    The project team chose Mitsubishi Electric VRF as the HVAC system to treat both the cooling, heating and hot water to the entire hospital. Including the specific treatment of air to all the operating theatres under variable operating conditions. The entire hospital’s HVAC solution is controlled via Mitsubishi Electric PLC’s that have been programmed in-house. Essentially, a one stop scenario rather than the culmination of several disciplines that can become a challenge with coordination when a problem needs to be addressed. With the one stop scenario it requires one contact point with a direct solution on offer.
  • Mitsubishi Heat Recovery Multi City System with Cassette Indoors.
  • 500 x indoor units
  • 54 x complete systems
  • 27 x Air Handling units (14 X high spec theatre AHU’s)

Table bay Mall (Western Cape)

    Situated a few kilometres off the western cape coastline anti-corrosion applications on HVAC equipment are essential for both the client and the comfort of the retailers. 18 x high specified Petra roof top package units were installed all including “carbo-thane” treatment both on the coils and casing of the units, ensuring the best defence against the elements as possible.
  • 18 x Anti-corrosion roof top package systems
  • Bathroom Extract Systems.
  • Completed mid 2018.

Standard Bank

The project was initialised as the ageing chiller and air handling equipment had reached its economical life, a new and innovative system was designed to fit the architectural appeal and structure of the building. Mr Craig Cumming from Adaptive Resources Engineers was commissioned to do the mechanical HVAC design...

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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

The total area that required air conditioning solutions was approximately 26 000 m2. The system selected to undertake this task was the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi system...

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