About Us

Who Are We?

At Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors, we pride ourselves on creating the most comfortable environment for your home and business. Using our high-quality products and innovative technology, we are able to meet all your air conditioning needs and deliver on our promises. Our state of the art 2-pipe technology, user-friendly controls and meticulous attention to detail ensures that every project is a success.

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Our Added Value

We believe that the key elements in providing outstanding service are extensive knowledge and experience. Our skilful team are equipped with the know-how in both the technical and engineering aspects of the air conditioning industry and are driven by a professional customer service approach.

One of our main objectives in supporting an already delicate industry is to upskill individuals in all technical aspects of the business by implementing training programs that are sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors and Mitsubishi. The training programs focus on areas in basic refrigeration, compressors replacement procedures, fault finding, services procedures, heat load calculations, troubleshooting and self-diagnostic interpretation. Our courses are offered to contractors who are part of the Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors family as well as developing partnerships with many other capable contracting firms.

Our History

On the 1st of August 2001, Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors (Pty) Ltd acquired distribution rights within Southern Africa, which was held by Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric (Melco Tokyo Japan) at the time.

Together with its sister products including Switch Gear, Appliances, Home Audio, Lifts and Escalators, Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors (Pty) Ltd have been supported and trusted within the Southern African market for the past 25 years.

During the year of 2000, Melco Japan decided to distribute their range of products through specialised South African based agencies who had the relevant hands-on experience and market understanding within each specific industry.

There were two determining factors behind the new shareholder’s motivation to tender for the Mitsubishi Electric agency. Firstly, this presented an opportunity to distribute a well known brand with a long-standing reputation for quality. Secondly, with strong leadership and the outstanding work ethic of the entire MSAD team, it was possible to capture the market within the Southern African air conditioning industry by offering unmatched levels of customer service, valuable expertise, and high-quality products.

Our Objectives

Once the handover phase was complete, Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Distributors (Pty) Ltd set specific objectives to ensure continuity of the service delivery, product support and stock availability that was enjoyed by its customer base before the transition period. With these objectives in mind, we embarked on an extensive stock procurement exercise from both completed goods to spare parts, resulting in an inventory level of around R25 million to R30 million at any given time.

To this day, we are still committed to fulfilling these objectives and continue to learn, improve, and grow to ensure that we live up to our promises to you